Free Nurses from the Cabinet with Anywhere RN

During med passes, traffic jams at the automated dispensing cabinet can be frustrating for nurses. Omnicell has long offered a web-based application that enables nurses to perform many medication tasks remotely via their computer workstation.

With Anywhere RN™ Remote Medication Management, nurses can remotely order, return, waste, perform medication overrides, and check medication availability. It creates a simpler process for removing meds at the cabinet, resulting in less congestion at the cabinet during the medication pass. Anywhere RN is easy to use. The five icons in the top menu area provide access to the following functions:

1. Request Med Removal

Remove Meds – displays patient names, scheduled meds timeline, and PRNs

Remove Stocked Meds – remote override requests can be made here

2. Request Med Returns

Return Meds – displays items eligible for return post-dispense and streamlines the return process at the cabinet

3. Record Med Waste

Displays medications eligible for waste

Accurate and compliant witness documentation

4. Assign My Patients

Allows a nurse to select his/her patients for queuing medications. Nurses typically start here to create a “My Patients” list with their selected medications.

5. View Patient Profile

Allows a nurse to retrieve patient information

How Is Time Saved at the Cabinet?

When nurses complete remote medication queuing via Anywhere RN, the meds are ready at the cabinet. Nurses log into the cabinet where they are prompted to “Issue” the pending requests, and simply follow the Guiding Lights to access drawers and bins where each requested medication is located.

What Are the Benefits?

Time Savings

Cabinet medication removal time has been shown to decrease by 33% with Anywhere RN1. One hospital estimated that Anywhere RN saved at least 15 minutes per nurse during morning med passes2. Less time at the cabinet enables time for other clinical tasks, which promotes nurse satisfaction.

Patient Safety and Satisfaction

By reducing the number of trips to and from the cabinet, Anywhere RN helps reduce the potential for interruptions that can lead to medication errors and frees up more time for patient care. The ability to select medications in the patient room instead increases time near the patient, which can improve patient satisfaction. Another advantage is the ability to discuss medication issues, such as pain scale for PRNs, to help reduce returns and improve the appropriateness of meds selected.

Waste Management

For hospitals that allow a waste to occur outside of the medication room, the ability to document waste remotely is convenient. The remote waste feature complies with requirements for waste witness. Another advantage of the Anywhere RN waste feature is the ability to quickly see if the automated dispensing system is expecting a waste documentation. This allows the nurse to verify before the end of the shift whether waste documentation needs to be completed.

Integration with Epic and Cerner

Omnicell offers direct integration between the automated dispensing system and Epic and Cerner electronic health record (EHR) systems. If your hospital is using one of these interoperability solutions, the Anywhere RN functionality is embedded in the MAR, so the user can view and perform MAR and Omnicell requests simultaneously. No separate Omnicell login is required, and the process for removing medications at the cabinet is streamlined, as described above. Learn more about Omnicell-EHR integration.

1. Data collection from cabinet log file analysis.

2. Rapid City Regional Hospital, 2014.

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