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Omnicell Express II

OnDemand Express II high-speed pharmacy automation

The Omnicell Express II fills patient-specific blister cards creating a made-to-order solution for pharmacy customers.

The Omnicell Express II is high-speed pharmacy automation that is designed to:

  • maximize workflow,
  • improve pharmacy productivity and
  • increase profitability.

The Express II system includes: high speed packaging technology, software, reports, formulary management, inventory management, labels, labeling system, installation, training, and support.


  • Verification system ensures all cassettes are managed by the system and maintains medication inventory
  • Allows for on demand ordering of medications to help increase inventory cost savings
  • Ability to grow your pharmacy business without adding additional personnel


  • Highly accurate
  • Throughput of 10 cards per minute
  • Patient-specific blister card filling
  • Fully automates the process from medication selection to the finished product
  • Fully interfaces with your Pharmacy Information System
  • Automated bar code verification and tracking
  • Generates detailed and custom reports
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