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Pharmacy Sealers for Medication Packaging

cost-effective manual heat sealer for punch cards

A large number of SureMed by Omnicell blister cards are heat-sealed adherence packages that require a sealer to create an impermeable barrier. By using specially designed equipment to control heat, time, and pressure, the long-term care pharmacy is able to create a quality seal on every package, providing a secure barrier to moisture and gasses. Omnicell has a range of sealing solutions, perfect for almost any pharmacy—from a low volume manual blister card sealer to a high volume, all electric heat sealer that can accommodate a variety of single dose, multimed blister cards and unit dose packages.

  • SureSeal

    The SureSeal™ is a programmable, manual sealer. It is designed as a cost effective entry level sealer for low volume sealing of medication blister cards.

    More about SureSeal
  • AutoBond

    The Autobond™ automated heat sealer is the workhorse of the industry. It is an excellent option when controlled and consistent heat sealing of medication blister cards is required. Temperature and time controls provide consistent quality sealing.

    More about AutoBond
  • AutoGen

    The AutoGen™ is the premier all electric heat sealer (no air required). It takes only four seconds to seal a blister card and its compact design does not take up a lot of counter space.

    More about AutoGen

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