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MTS-400 Semi-Automated Filling and Sealing Machine

MTS-400  semi-automated filler and sealer for long-term care pharmacy

12 Times Faster Than Filling by Hand

Designed for high pre-pack volume for the medium to large pharmacy, the MTS-400™ provides a portable workstation with storage, so as not to take up valuable counter space. An optional label applicator is available as well as an air compressor for portability.


  • On-board silent air compressor, requires only a 120 VAC connection
  • Internal storage of filling plates and disposables
  • Ergonomically designed with less repetitive operator motion
  • Temperature and time controls provide consistent quality sealing
  • Robust automated sealing station eliminates blister card pressure variants
  • Optimal sealing at minimum heat levels
  • All settings are pre-programmed


  • Manual 4-position rotary table
  • Motorized tablet filling system with adjustable speed and easy-to-change brushes
  • Tool-less changeover of the filling system
  • Hands-free blister card fold station
  • Seal station automatically opens when the cycle is complete
  • Easy-to-read digital temperature controller
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction allows for easy cleaning
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