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Time My Meds - Med Sync

Drive revenue and increase your script growth with the Omnicell Time My Meds®, Medication Synchronization Solution. Medication Synchronization (Med Sync) coordinates a patient’s chronic prescriptions to be picked up at the same time each month, providing the opportunity for the pharmacy to intervene with the patient on a regular schedule. 

Med Sync


  • PDC Scores - Achieve 5 Star ratings for diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol
  • Adherence – Witness adherence improvements in all other disease states
  • Revenue – Increase revenue per prescription enrolled
  • Scripts – Drive additional refills on existing prescriptions
  • Time – Free up time to offer additional patient care services


  • Offers a web-based portal that provides a holistic view of patients, allowing pharmacy to provide ongoing patient management
  • Uses big data and predictive analytics to present the pharmacy with targeted patients to enroll into the program
  • Integrates with pharmacy management systems (PMS) for bidirectional data flow between the PMS and Patient Management Access Portal (PMAP)
  • Helps pharmacies achieve near-perfect adherence/PDC (Proportion of Days Covered) scores

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