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Outbound Notifications

Omnicell’s Outbound Notification Solutions deliver real-time, relevant messaging through automated patient outreach methods. These communications increase prescription sales, improve medication adherence, and reduce return to stock rates, which all maximize your profitability.



Outbound Notifications Are Based On Patient’s Communication Preference (home phone, mobile, email, or SMS)

  • Prescription Ready - Notifies that prescriptions are ready to be picked up at pharmacy
  • Pick Up Reminders - Reminders to pick up prescription at the pharmacy, including ePrescriptions (electronic)
  • Refill Exceptions – Notifies that extra time is needed to fill the patient’s prescription
  • Birthday Calls - Receive a personalized birthday message from the pharmacy
  • Auto Fill Notifications – Notifies that the prescriptions enrolled in the automatic fill program are ready
  • Mail Order Shipment – Informs patients that their prescription order has been shipped
  • General Awareness Messaging – Outreach about additional services offered such as med sync and immunization

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