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Omnicell’s Detect-Rx® Inbound Refill Reminders proactively present additional  prescriptions that are due or overdue to be filled when a patient successfully requests a refill using Omnicell’s Pharmacy Line® Interactive Voice Response (IVR), driving an 8% increase* in patients’ Average Days on Therapy.

Detect-Rx Refill Reminder


  • Low-cost component of your overall adherence strategy
  • Achieve 70% acceptance in suggested refills
  • Increase adherence rates
  • Improve patient loyalty
  • Provide convenient automation for patients and pharmacy
  • Help achieve better patient health outcomes


Maximize refill opportunities when patients call into the pharmacy and facilitate interactive communications with patients:

  • Patient calls into the pharmacy just like they do today
  • Patient enters his/her prescription refill request
  • Detect-Rx technology prompts the patient with available due and overdue refills to be filled

*8% increase pertains only to medications for which Detect-Rx is used

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