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Unit Dose / Reclaimable Packaging

unit dose reclaimable barcoded medication packaging

The Omnicell unit dose packaging system is highly versatile, cost effective and practical. Coupled with our Unit Dose foil labeling system you can print, package, and seal a wide variety of medication packaging styles ranging from 24-hour dosing to 30-day regimens. Our unit dose foil to blister packaging is ideal for use in automated dispensing cabinets and e-kits.

  • Cold Seal Blisters


    Blisters are available in four standard sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. Unit dose blisters are perforated. Most sizes of our unit dose blisters are designed to nest together to optimize box, cart and shelf space.

  • Reclaimable Packaging

    Reclaimable Packaging

    Lidding stock, unit dose boxes, and multiple dosage configurations of blister cards that are designed with a special SelectSeal™ adhesive and a perforated fascia for the recovery of unused medications without damaging the blister or printed lidding stock.

    Omnicell Med Cards are also available for the repackaging of medications reclaimed from SelectSeal cards.

  • Unit Dose Foil Labeling

    Unit Dose Foil Labeling System

    This unit dose foil labeling system meets the unique needs of the long-term care pharmacy by producing high quality bar code scannable label sheets quickly and efficiently. It is the only foil printing system developed specifically for pharmacy operations and produces up to 18 sheets per minute.

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