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Heat Seal Blister Cards

Heat seal medication blister cards

Heat seal blister cards, also called punch cards or pill cards, are required for most pre-pack and automated medication packaging solutions. The pharmacy can be confident they are delivering a quality product to the nursing home, assisted living facility, correctional institution, or patient.

Heat seal cards are more cost effective than cold seal cards.

  • Heat Seal Blisters

    Blisters are available in a variety of sizes, 28-day, 30-day, 31-day, 32-day, 60- and 62-dose, 90-dose and 4 unit dose sizes. Clear and amber blisters are also available.

  • Standard Heat Seal Cards

    Heat seal blister cards are made from high quality raw materials providing an attractive appearance and durability. Blister cards may also be customized with your brand.

  • One-Piece Heat Seal Cards

    Standard heat seals cards come with the blister adhered to the card to save time. Available in 30-day, 31-day, 32-day, 60-day, 62-day and 90-day formats.

  • Short-Cycle Dispensing

    Omnicell manufactures durable, cost-effective 9" x 6" standard 14-dose short-cycle blister cards that fit into most standard carts.

  • Select Seal™ and Med Cards

    Select Seal cards are used for the recovery of unused medications without damaging the blister or printed foil.

  • Control Cards

    Control cards are specifically designed for the identification of controlled drugs. The red color and smaller size help differentiate it from other blister cards.

  • Red Cards

    Omnicell Red Cards come in standard 6" or narrow width of 5 5/8". These cards can accommodate different med cart styles and come in 31-, 62- and 90-day formats.

  • Trap Door Cards

    Trap Door Cards provide an extra layer of cardboard over the foil to ensure an added level of tamper evidence. These cards are available in 30- and 60-dose formats.

  • Mealtime Cards

    The Mealtime Cards are 31-Day cards that is available in various colors to visually identify morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime passes. PRN is also available.

  • 14/15/16 Dose Card

    Omnicell offers a variety of reduced cycle blister cards that are available in 9" x 3" and 9" x 6" formats.

  • Misc Cards

    Miscellaneous Cards

    No matter what style, function or specialty blister card you need, Omnicell has a variety of specialty cards and systems available.

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