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DOSIS Supplies


Looking for supplies for your DOSIS© L60 automated dispensing machine? Omnicell manufactures a variety of supplies including punch cards, lidding, and labels for your DOSIS automation.


Our sturdy and durable DOSIS cards come in 31-dose countdown and calendar blister cards. Cards can be customized to reflect your brand.*

DOSIS Lidding

Omnicell  lidding stock for DOSIS packaging offers a tight and secure seal. Our DOSIS lidding can also be customized with your pharmacy’s logo.*

DOSIS Labels

Looking for labels for your DOSIS packaging? Look no further than Omnicell. We manufacture high quality labels at low prices.  Want to add your pharmacies branding? Not a problem. Omnicell specializes in custom pharmacy labels of all types*.   

*Minimum order restrictions apply.

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