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Cold Seal Blister Cards

Cold Seal Medication Blister Cards

No matter the size of the pharmacy operation, our cold seal blister cards, also called pressure-sensitive cards, are both efficient and reliable. Cold seal blister cards are ideal for STAT orders or for heat sensitive medications, or when the use of a heat seal pill card is not practical.

  • Cold Seal Blisters

    Cold Seal Blisters

    Blisters are made from quality materials. Blisters are available in a variety of sizes, 28-, 30-, 31-, 32-dose, 60- and 62-dose and 90-dose.

  • Standard Cold Seal Cards

    Standard Cold Seal Cards

    No heat is required for a quality seal with this 2-piece product comprised of a separate card and blister. Our standard cold seal cards are available in 30-, 31-, 62-, and 90-day styles.

  • One Piece Cold Seal Card

    One-Piece Cold Seal Card

    This card comes with the blister already attached. Simply place the medications into the blister, peel the protective paper off the card and fold it over and apply pressure to seal the card. Available in 31-, 62- and 90-day formats.

  • Short Cycle Dispensing

    Short-Cycle Dispensing

    Omnicell manufactures durable, cost-effective 9" x 6" standard 14-dose short-cycle blister cards that fit into most standard carts.


    DOSIS™ Cards

    Omnicell manufactures DOSIS blister cards, lidding and for use in the DOSIS L60 automated dispensing machine. Customize your DOSIS supplies by adding your pharmacy’s branding to a custom DOSIS card, lidding, or label.

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