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Single Dose Blister Card Packaging

Single dose medication blister cards

Omnicell offers a wide variety of heat seal and cold seal blister cards for single dose (also called unit dose) packaging of medications for institutional pharmacies servicing long-term care, assisted-living, and correctional facilities.

Omnicell single dose packaging:

  • Is manufactured by Omnicell in the U.S.
  • Meet requirements for a class B container
  • Can be customized to reflect your corporate identity

  • Heat Seal

    Heat seal blister cards come in a variety of formats that will fit your packaging requirements, including 30-, 60- and 90-day cards, control cards, and short-cycle dispensing.

    More about Heat Seal
  • Cold Seal

    Cold seal cards are ideal for STAT orders, for heat sensitive medications or when the use of a heat sealer is not practical.

    More about Cold Seal
  • Unit Dose / Reclaimable Packaging

    Save money on your most expensive drugs. Omnicell offers a highly versatile, cost efficient, flexible and practical reclaimable medication packaging solution.

    More about Unit Dose / Reclaimable Packaging
  • Opti-Pak

    The Opti-Pak

    system is a disposable color-coded compliance package that is both tamper-evident and hygienic. Omnicell offers the ability to automate the filling and sealing of the Opti-Pak product that makes this system a viable compliance packaging solution for the pharmacy, home, and resident.

    More about Opti-Pak

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