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Guided Packing Software

Omnicell’s easy-to-use Guided Packing software lets you provide adherence packaging services quickly and with very little investment. Perfect for pharmacies looking to grow their businesses, this web-based application can be accessed from any workstation within the pharmacy, providing greater options and flexibility to meet customer demand.


  • Guided Interface provides a high-level of confidence in packing accuracy 
  • Creates consolidated label with patient information and medication dosing instructions 
  • Integrates with pharmacy information systems so there is no need for double data entry 


  • Offers unique logins and permissions to ensure that the correct user is completing the correct functions
  • Barcoded Workflow for more accurate medication dispensing
  • Utilizes the SureMed® by Omnicell® Class B certified perforated blister card 

SureMed by Omnicell Perforated Adherence Packaging

SureMed 28- Day, Perforated, Cold Seal Cards

The Guided Packing multimed blister card is smartly designed for both patient safety and pharmacy accuracy:

  • Easy-to-understand, clearly marked day-of-the week and time passes 
  • Co-brand card option - Stand out from your competition with your logo printed prominently on the front of the card 
  • Larger morning and evening blister sizes to accommodate larger doses commonly associated with these time passes 
  • Ability to customize start date to any day of the month 
  • Tamper-evident, easy puncture backing makes it easy to see if medications were taken properly

    Perforated 300-96 Blisters

  • Card detail prints on wide format full-color printer, including: 
    • Consolidated label with full-color drug images 
    • Patient and pharmacy information 
    • Drug information on blister lidding

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