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Automated Dispensing Cabinets

Automated remote medication access and storage

Omnicell recognizes the need for long-term pharmacies to provide facilities a secure and affordable solution for medication management systems that both improve the quality of care for long-term care facilities while improving operational efficiency for the long-term care pharmacy.

Long-term care facilities are increasingly seeking the benefits of automated medication management systems for their sites. Such systems aid in regulatory compliance and security, and help increase quality of care for residents by enabling faster access to first doses, new medication orders, and emergency medications.

Omnicell Medication and Supply Automation System

Omnicell automated medication and supply cabinet systems enable remote dispensing of needed medications at the point of care. Authorized caregivers can access most medications from the Omnicell automated medication cabinet, which easily stores 200 to 300 different items—or more—depending on the configuration.

Cost Reduction, Patient Care and Improved Accountability

As a long-term care pharmacy, it is sometimes necessary to keep part of your inventory at a facility for first-dose and emergency medications. Even though these medications are no longer within your immediate possession, your pharmacy is ultimately responsible for this off-site inventory including strictly regulated controlled substances. A common best practice for managing this inventory is the e-kit or tackle box exchange system. Dispensing and administering medication from tackle boxes relies on manual documentation that results in inefficiencies and errors, making security and accountability difficult to control.

To address these issues, the Omnicell automated medication and supply cabinet system enables timely, point-of-care access to needed medications. Instead of managing multiple e-kits, authorized caregivers can access most medications from the Omnicell automated medication dispensing cabinet, which easily stores 200 to 300 different items—or more—depending on the configuration. This system reduces stat deliveries and back-up pharmacy costs by enabling first doses, new orders, and emergency medications to be issued from the Omnicell automated cabinet.

Improve Medication Access and Operational Efficiency

Implementing Omnicell  automated medication and supply cabinet systems helps a long-term care pharmacy grow and retain business, delivering these benefits:

Reduced Costs—Eliminate time consuming e-kits and reduce the need for stat deliveries for fulfilling first doses, new orders, and emergency medications.

Improved Charge Capture—Labor-intensive manual billing is replaced with an accurate, automated process and the system has the ability to charge by NDC as an item is removed.

Promotes Clinical Quality—Patients will have faster access to medications. The long-term care facility can more effectively handle changes in patient flow and drug regimens for higher-acuity patients.

Compliance—The system makes it easier to manage and monitor chain of custody and medication use, and helps meet Joint Commission and other regulatory requirements.

Designed for Long-Term Care

The Omnicell system is tailored for long-term care pharmacy infrastructure, and a collaborative implementation model decreases installation time.

  • A single server supports secure plug-and-play Internet connection at each long-term site
  • No hassle of modems and VPN connections
  • Hosted server option available
  • ADT, billing, and profile interfaces provide advanced functionality

How the Omnicell System Works

The Omnicell system connects to a server that links with the pharmacy information system. User training support is available via the cabinet interface.

  • A built-in touch screen computer interface on the cabinets allows caregivers to see the medication orders for each patient
  • Unique guiding lights on the cabinet quickly guide the user to the area where the medications are located
  • The system automatically keeps track of inventory levels to facilitate replenishment and optimal inventory levels

Omnicell System Features

Guiding Lights Technology

Quickly directs the user to the desired location in the cabinet.
Anywhere RN™ Remote Medication Management Software

Allows caregivers to queue up medications remotely, saving time and energy.
Integrated Medication Label Printer

Print patient-specific labels right from the cabinet to prevent mix-ups and meet Joint Commission requirements.
Touch & Go™ G4 Biometric ID System

Fast, secure access to the cabinet via fingerprint scan.

View inventory in all Omnicell cabinets to adjust stock and get emergency supplies.
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