Omnicell is blazing a trail across the country, bringing our innovative experience to help healthcare leaders everywhere understand how the Autonomous Pharmacy can drive significant clinical and operational benefits for your system.


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in Action

Central Pharmacy Dispensing

See how advanced robotics and intelligent software can improve safety, workflow, and inventory optimization.

Point of Care Automation

Experience automated workflows that optimize medication management and patient care, enhancing supply chain performance.

IV Compounding

Gain control of your sterile compounding operations through robotics and workflow technology to enhance safety and reduce costs.

Pharmacy Intelligence

Use predictive analytics and insights to optimize inventory, control diversion, and enhance pharmacy performance.

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COVID-19 Precautions

Omnicell continues to follow the guidance provided by OSHA, the CDC, and other public health authorities, and has taken several steps to ensure the health and safety of staff and customers.

  • Omnicell has issued a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for all employees

  • The Mobile Experience will follow all local COVID-19 guidance, including limiting the number of people on board, social distancing protocols, and masking requirements

  • The truck employs a cold plasma air filtration system on board to provide the best possible air quality