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Headlines about drug diversion incidents are appearing with alarming frequency these days. While it’s easy to think “it could never happen at my facility,” you could be jeopardizing your patients and the well-being of your institution by not addressing drug diversion. 

To help you tackle this difficult issue, Diversion Central offers a plethora of free educational resources to aid in diversion detection and prevention. This one-stop source includes access to webinars, infographics, eBooks, and more.  

Educational Tools

Diversion eBook

How to Develop a Proactive Program to Stop Drug Diversion

This eBook provides guidance on establishing a drug diversion program to prevent, detect, and report diversion. Taking a proactive approach can help reduce potential risks to patients, providers, and your healthcare facility.

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Healthcare Thought Leadership Series Podcast

Expert Roundtable: What’s Your Strategy  in Preventing Drug Diversion?

This podcast features five leaders from health systems across the U.S. to discuss drug diversion in healthcare settings. Learn tools and best practices for detecting and deterring drug diversion.  

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Guide to Diversion Identification and Prevention

Diversion: Your Guide to Identification and Prevention

This compendium contains a selection of articles authored by pharmacy professionals about diversion published in Pharmacy Purchasing & Products.  

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Top Ten Ways Drug Diverters Make Meds Disappear

Top Ten Ways Drug Diverters Make Medications Disappear

This eBook reveals the most common methods healthcare workers use to divert medications. You will also learn ways to detect and prevent each method, so you are better able to curb diversion at your healthcare facility.  

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Medication Diversion Webinars

How is Your VA Facility Addressing Drug Diversion?

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Best Practices to Proactively Monitor Diversion Recording & slides


Drug Diversion Prevention in the Operating Room Recording & slides

Top 10 Tricks Diverters Use to Steal Medications From Your Hospital — And How to Catch Them Each Time Recording | Slides

How to Strengthen Your Drug Diversion Surveillance Program: The MGH Experience Recording & slides

Crisis Control: How to Handle Diversion Incidents at Your Hospital Recording | Slides

Don’t Be the Next Headline – Regulatory Guidelines to Keep Compliant With the DEA and Other Agencies Recording & slides

Save Lives, Money, and Reputation - Take the Driver’s Seat on Medication Diversion Recording | Slides

Better Safe Than Sorry – Best Practices for Infection Control Re: Drug Diversion Recording & slides

Best Practices for Narcotics Handling in the Perioperative Environment Recording

360 Degree Drug Diversion Management – Expanding from Nursing Units to Procedural Areas and Pharmacy Recording & slides

When Health Care Providers Steal, Patients Are the Victims Recording | Slides