Size: 3” x 2 23⁄32” Paper: Pin Fed - Single Ply Finish: Fanfold / 5M/Box Item # L-021-D Rx Label Size: 3” x 2 3⁄4” Paper: Pin Fed - Single Ply Finish: Fanfold / 5M/Box Item # L-021-A Rx Label Prescription Labels Labels & Printing Supplies Custom Labels/Stock Labels 87 Custom Labels Omnicell has specialized in customized pharmacy labels for the last 20+ years. With 2 separate production facilities, we continue to supply a high-quality product with consistent on-time delivery. Our in-house graphics department will help you customize your label design to make it uniquely your own. Choose from a wide array of dies or have a die designed for your own specific needs. The minimum quantity for a custom order is 25,000. Call us today to discuss your new or existing custom needs. When it comes to your pharmacy labels, our experts can make it simple. Send a sample of your own label today and we will provide you with a quote. Why pay more than you need to when you can buy directly from the manufacturer? Your One-Stop-Shop Label Provider! Phone: (800) 671-8439 Fax: (800) 671-0588 B o n u s : 5,000 Free L a b e l s w i t h 1 st Custom O r d e r ! * *Offer valid for new label customers only. Offer not available on Laser labels or RFID labels. Not valid with any other offer. Cover Up Labels Now Available! Tired of Scraping Off Old Script Labels on Returns? What a waste of time, effort and money. Omnicell now offers cover up or blackout labels. Simply cover up the old label with one of these blank white labels and place another RX script label on top of it. Our specially designed cover up labels have a special adhesive with black ink added so it blacks out any wording or information below the label and allows you a clean slate to place your new label on. These custom labels are made to order and can be made to fit over any label you use. Call our label specialist today for a quote 1-800-671-8439.