Benefits Reduced Costs – Eliminate time consuming e-kits and reduce the need for stat deliveries for fulfilling first doses, new orders, and emergency medications. Improved Charge Capture – Labor-intensive manual billing is replaced with an accurate, automated process, including the ability to charge by NDC as an item is removed. Promotes Clinical Quality – Patients will have faster access to medications. The LTC facility can more effectively handle changes in patient flow and drug regimens for higher-acuity patients. Compliance – The system makes it easier to manage and monitor chain of custody and medication use, and helps meet Joint Commission and other regulatory requirements. Why Choose Omnicell for Long-Term Care? Omnicell offers a tailored system for long-term care pharmacy infrastructure and a collaborative implementation model that minimizes installation time. • A single server supports a secure plug-and-play Internet connection at each long-term care site. • No hassle of modems and VPN connections. • Hosted server option available. • ADT, billing, and profile interfaces provide advanced functionality. Omnicell System Features Guiding Lights Technology – Quickly directs the user to the desired location in the cabinet. Anywhere RN™ Remote Medication Management Software – Allows caregivers to queue up medications remotely, saving time and energy. Integrated Medication Label Printer – Print patient-specific labels right from the cabinet to prevent mix-ups and meet Joint Commission requirements. Touch & Go™ G4 Biometric ID System – Fast, secure access to the cabinet via fingerprint scan. OmniExplorer – View inventory in all Omnicell cabinets to adjust stock and get emergency supplies. Omnicell System Feature Omnicell cabinets come in a variety of sizes and formats. They can be custom configured with different drawer types in varying degrees of security. A few examples are shown here. Locking Lid Drawer A high security option Lighted Matrix Drawer Adjustable bin dividers offer flexibility Medication/Supply Drawer Includes easy-to-use reorder buttons Medication Cabinets Omnicell® Medication and Supply Automation Systems 85