Expanding Through Automation with Single-Dose Packaging Omnicell AccuFlex® Omnicell Accuflex Flexible, patient specific, automated packaging for the long-term care (LTC) pharmacy. The AccuFlex® combines proven Omnicell OnDemand technology with Fanuc Robotics to create accurate and efficient automation with the flexibility to fill a variety of medication packaging on demand. Omnicell OnDemand® automation interfaces with your existing pharmacy information system to enhance scheduling and workflow management and improve accuracy and production of medication packaging. Omnicell AccuFlex® allows a pharmacy to fill cards as soon as medication orders are received, rather than pre-packing medications in anticipation of future orders, leading to decreased inventory costs and increased pharmacy cash flow. Benefits • Improved operational efficiency and inventory management • Scaleable cassette selection, custom-fitted to your operation • Efficiently package different medication systems with a single piece of automation • Low maintenance, reliable components and proven technology • Patented design optimizes output and accuracy • Intuitive software that is flexible enough to accommodate your operational environment Features • Provides on-demand order fulfillment for different dispensing cycles and partial fills • Accessibility to an unlimited number of cassettes depending on individual pharmacy needs • Quick changeover from one type of packaging to another • Integrated robotics, proven OnDemand technology and high-speed linear motors • Interfaces with most commercial pharmacy information systems • Flexible order processing to accommodate sorting by batch, time, facility or patient • Pneumatic sealing and automated prescription label applicator Discover how automation can help decrease medication inventory costs and increase pharmacy cash flow. Call one of our sales consultants at 800-671-0589. 79