Refer to Page 26 for Blister Sizes Refer to Page 26 for Blister Sizes MTS Medication Tech Getting Started with Single Dose Packaging Handpacking with SureMed by Omnicell Cold Seal Cards 31-Day, 250/Box Item #300-58 Coordinating Blisters – Standard, 1,000/Box Item No. Description 200-31 Small 200-32 Medium (250 Pack Available) 200-34 Large (250 Pack Available) 200-52* Extra Large 203-30 Small Amber 203-31 Medium Amber 203-33 Large Amber *Blister requires special triple layer cork to seal. Recommended Accessories: • Standard Cork #655-30 • Triple Layer Cork for XL #655-30A • Roller #660-00 31-Day, 250/Box Item #300-58DC Co-Branded Option 31