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June 10, 2021

Why Intelligence Is Essential to Your Cabinet Strategy

Len Hom
Director, Product Marketing, Omnicell

Automated dispensing systems are more than medication vending machines. They’re the foundation of your pharmacy supply chain. More medications are being managed through ADCs than ever before, as health systems are trending toward more decentralized medication distribution models in which medications are stocked at the point of care and are readily accessible to nurses.

Some may think of the ADC as simply a storage unit for nursing, but in reality it plays a critical role across the medication management ecosystem. As ADC systems have evolved, some are now connected to sophisticated data intelligence systems, helping them to play a more prominent role in optimizing pharmacy inventory.

Consider that a 1,000 bed medical center in the Northeast dispenses almost 7 million doses a year through their ADCs. How can they harness and aggregate all the data produced each time a transaction occurs or a medication is moved from location to location?

While conventional ADC systems offer a smorgasbord of reports, it is tedious to cull through and cross-reference data in multiple reports. The information is often outdated by the time it is viewed.

That’s why Omnicell XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets are now available with easy-to-use dashboards that provide visibility into current inventory levels and allow pharmacy staff to improve their view of OmniCenter®-based inventory all in one place.

The XT ADC system also integrates with Omnicell One™, a cloud-based intelligence service that leverages advanced analytics to generate insightful actions for pharmacies. This powerful data intelligence helps drive better inventory optimization by addressing expired medication management, inventory reduction, and potential diversion or compliance concerns.

The comprehensive pharmacy performance dashboards make it easy for pharmacy and nursing leaders to glean insights from the data. Omnicell One also provides a convenient way to act on the insights – workflow tools guide staff in completing the recommended actions.

Fast and easy access to data means less time managing manual processes and more time to focus on results. By harnessing data from our automation solutions, Omnicell supports your journey to a more Autonomous Pharmacy, a vision for zero-error medication management that improves efficiency, compliance, business outcomes, and human potential.


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