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October 05, 2021

Welcome to Omnicell Illuminate 2021

Randall Lipps
Chairman, President, CEO, and Founder, Omnicell

I'm excited to be joining thousands of pharmacy, nursing, IT, and C-suite leaders this week during Omnicell Illuminate 2021 as we shine a spotlight on the journey toward the Autonomous Pharmacy and the goal to achieve zero waste, zero errors, and refocus 100 percent of a pharmacist's time to clinical activities.

The next three days will be an exciting opportunity to meet and learn more about how digital technology is transforming medication management. In the last year, we've seen exceptional outcomes from strong leaders making bold decisions. Healthcare systems are embracing automation and intelligence to provide quality care for their patients, and we are excited to welcome more than 50 industry leaders sharing their experiences and best practices throughout the week.

The pandemic has elevated the role of pharmacists—who have been vital in setting up temporary COVID-19 units and field hospitals, particularly with patients on ventilators. Their knowledge about how medications work makes them a crucial part of the fight against this pandemic.

COVID-19 has also changed the way healthcare does business. Seventy-four percent of companies say it sped up their digital transformation a great deal. And 90 percent believe the new reality requires technology, products, services, and processes for automated healthcare delivery models.

To put this opportunity into context, pharmacists spend 76 percent of their time on non-clinical activities. Leveraging technology and intelligence to move manual work out of the pharmacy and into a cloud-based system frees pharmacists to focus on higher-value roles. With more than 325,000 licensed pharmacists in the United States, in theory, reducing non-clinical pharmacy time to zero would add 250,000 more clinical workers to the workforce. It's no wonder enterprises are increasingly relying on automated processes to help improve patient safety.

The Autonomous Pharmacy is becoming more and more achievable with every passing day. We all need to continue pushing ourselves to transform healthcare to make this vision come true.

All of us need to support essential healthcare workers who took an oath to help patients. For nearly 30 years, Omnicell has been dedicated to driving change, and the pace of advancement in this industry is dramatically accelerating. In the next five years, the Autonomous Pharmacy, and its demand for technology and intelligence will power exponential growth that will allow everyone in healthcare to accomplish so much more.

The future of pharmacy and healthcare is changing, and we're challenging everyone to adapt to it. The future of healthcare looks bright and Omnicell is committed to delivering the intelligent infrastructure of innovative technology, software, and services to help illuminate the path forward for healthcare leaders to improve their medication management strategies and support better patient care.

 See you all at Omnicell Illuminate 2021 as we come together as an industry to #GetIlluminated.