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October 28, 2020

Transitioning Nursing Focus Back to Patients: Improving Medication Workflows

Juliana Linsdell
Nurse Consultant, Omnicell

Nursing is a healthcare profession that represents the cross section of art and science, heart and mind, and the ability to balance rigorous treatment standards with the subjective experience of a patient’s physical and emotional needs. It’s a tireless job to uphold the crown of compassion, human dignity, and dedication to identify and protect the needs of patients. Modern nursing professionals are not only expected to do it all; they are facing increasing pressures of long hours, exposure to workplace hazards, higher patient and family expectations, and the need to learn new technologies. It’s mentally and emotionally draining to feel unable to provide adequate patient care in a time-constrained environment.

I’ll be joining Dave Klinger, RPh, System Director, Operations & Compliance at Geisinger Health on Monday, Nov. 9, to discuss new technologies and strategies designed to reduce administrative burdens and empower nurses to focus on patient care.

The need for technologies that streamline workflows and better manage safety issues to allow nurses to spend more time with patients is long overdue. During our Omnicell Illuminate 2020 session, “Transitioning Nursing Focus back to Patients: Improving Medication Workflows,” you’ll hear how pharmacy and nursing can collaborate to leverage technology advances and system integration to help improve workflow efficiency, so that nurses can spend more time with patients.

Key areas of focus include: 

  • Best practices for adoption of technologies and interoperable solutions to transform safety, security and efficiency.
  • How the electronic health record (EHR) can be leveraged to host workflows to streamline the medication administration process.
  • Examples of successful collaboration strategies for nursing and pharmacy.

Additionally, we’ll offer a deep dive demonstration into Anywhere RN, a feature that integrates with the Epic Medication Administrative Record (MAR) through a single sign-on, allowing nurses to create remote requests for medication issues and returns, and document wastes from a remote location.

Dave Klinger will share how nurses used Anywhere RN and Epic to drive impressive results for Geisinger, including a 57% reduction in medication retrieval time, allowing staff to spend more time with their patients.

Let’s face it: medication management is challenging. Today 33% of a nurse’s time is spent interacting with technology with only 16% spent at the bedside. By increasing medication management efficiencies we can increase time at the bedside.

And that’s good news for hospitals and patients alike.

Register today to discover the future of pharmacy at Omnicell Illuminate 2020 and explore our three-day slate of continuing education, networking, interactive demos, and more learning opportunities.


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