February 09, 2021

Preparing the Pharmacy Leaders of the Future

Terri Albarano, PharmD, MS
Director, Autonomous Pharmacy Advisory Board and Thought Leadership

According to Arash Dabestani, Dean and Professor of Pharmacy at Long Island University, “Change seems to be the one constant in the world of pharmacy.” Recognizing technological and digital advancements in healthcare and specifically health system pharmacy, Dr. Abastani notes “today’s pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists have unprecedented opportunities to apply their expertise across multiple disciplines in novel ways.”

An emerging area where pharmacists can apply new expertise is in the strategic implementation of automationintelligence, and integrated digital pharmacy systems designed to optimize operational success and medication outcomes.

Through the Omnicell Fellowship Program, future pharmacy leaders are gaining a better understanding of how technology and intelligence are improving the medication management process and transforming the practice of pharmacy. The fellowship experience is designed to expand on pharmacy education and residency programs, providing insights and experience leveraging automation, cloud-based intelligence, and pharmacy software to track and manage medication across the care continuum.

Omnicell Automation and Outcomes Research Fellow Arlin Ashemore, PharmD, MS, who is completing his fellowship through a partnership with Wake Forest Baptist Health, believes the program has helped him to see how the intersection between pharmacy and technology opens a world of possibilities for him professionally.

“The fellowship builds upon skillsets developed didactically during pharmacy school in areas such as medication management and research design,” says Arlin. “However, a significant step forward is taken during the fellowship as you begin to couple comprehensive practical application to the medication management process through various research study designs. The outcomes of these studies will ultimately aid in informing the gaps, limitations and opportunities for technology advancement that may exist within our health-system pharmacy departments.”

Another benefit of the program is offering pharmacists the ability to work alongside data scientists, product developers, and customer experience experts within Omnicell on new innovations and solutions.

As the digital transformation of pharmacy continues to evolve and health systems increasingly adopt technology, it’s important to provide expert training to our future pharmacy leaders who will continue to drive the digital transformation of the medication management process.

To learn more about the Omnicell fellowship program, click here


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