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January 12, 2022

Omnicell LIVE! – Caregiver Crisis: Combating the Burnout and Labor Shortages that Lead to Errors

Julie O'Brien
Director, Product Marketing, Customer Experience, Omnicell

The healthcare system is struggling to find a way forward as it works its way through yet another wave of COVID-19. Hospitals are overwhelmed and severely understaffed. As a result, clinicians have been exiting in record numbers.

The current situation is not temporary. It's an industry shift that calls for new ways of thinking and working to fight clinician burnout and empower healthcare professionals. More innovative work strategies are needed to relieve stress on caregivers.

Fending Off Burnout

The U.S. Bureau of Labor estimates there will be 43,000 pharmacist and pharmacy technician job openings each year through this decade. In this war for talent, the most attractive employer wins.

Pharmacists who can operate at the top of their license, conducting purposeful and meaningful work that directly ties to clinical outcomes, are less likely to experience burnout. That's why automation for menial and repetitive tasks is not only critical to filling labor shortage gaps, but paramount to attracting and retaining top talent.

Working Smarter – Not Harder

Technological advances enable us to discover new ways of working. Automation can significantly reduce the time spent on non-clinical tasks while elevating the role of clinicians in improving patient outcomes. Staff can be redirected to higher-value activities by leveraging automation and services, which improves employee satisfaction and retention. However, technology adoption can be challenging.

Omnicell understands these challenges and has made critical investments in people and processes. Our teams of certified experts work alongside our customers, at every turn – from medication management strategy to execution and beyond – to ensure ongoing customer success. As a result, disruptions are minimized, resources are optimized, and value is realized faster.

Getting to Zero Medication Errors

Everyone is focused on improving safety and care, but without the right technology, a high turnover rate, overworked staff, and errors will continue. Forrester Research predicts that the labor shortages and turnover will result in the doubling of provider medication errors in 2022.

An intelligent infrastructure of devices, digital workflows, and analytics, powered by certified experts and the cloud, helps health systems to improve efficiency and staff satisfaction, leading to reduced errors. Omnicell brings collective insights from our network, leveraging an endless stream of data and experience from over 3,000 hospital pharmacies, helping to provide better, more efficient care, and reduction in errors.

Click here to view this Omnicell LIVE! webinar Caregiver Crisis: Empowering Clinicians Through Experts and Technology-Enabled Services.

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