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November 09, 2022

Omnicell Compliance Week 2022: Integrity Inspires

Roxanne Turner
Senior Vice President, Corporate Responsibility, Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer

I am excited to announce that Omnicell is celebrating its third Annual Compliance Week from November 7-11. Of note, this year also marks Omnicell's 30th anniversary. We have encouraged all of our employees to reflect upon how integrity has played an integral role in the growth of Omnicell throughout its 30-year history, and how it will continue to be vital to every aspect of the company's future. We recognize our company would not be what it is today without integrity, and it remains an integral part of our continued success. In that spirit, our theme for Compliance Week 2022 is Integrity Inspires.

Every day, Omnicell employees strive to provide an exceptional customer experience. We understand customers place a great deal of trust in us. We continue to earn that trust by ensuring all of our employees understand the importance of ethics and integrity. Simply put, no goal should be accomplished if it results in a compromise of our integrity. When our customers, shareholders, or the public, in general, encounter an Omnicell product or service, they can rest assured knowing that integrity was woven into every decision made during the process of bringing the product or service to market.

Compliance Week also allows us to educate and raise awareness around the many aspects of the compliance program, the broader Corporate Responsibility team, our regulatory and ethical obligations, and the resources available to help our employees achieve our core value of Doing the Right Thing. Our employees also receive training when hired and throughout their time at Omnicell to ensure they understand the Omnicell way of Doing the Right Thing. Every encounter with an Omnicell employee should reflect that.

The Corporate Responsibility organization is comprised of a diverse group of seasoned professionals that are located throughout the world. We support many critical business areas, including Privacy, Ethics, Environmental, Social and Governance, Pharmacy Operations, Environmental Health and Safety, Security and Loss Prevention, Corporate Compliance, and Risk Management. Integrity is the foundation for our collective efforts in all of these areas. 

Omnicell has committed to A Better Way for Healthcare, which shapes our daily work. We are passionate about what we do, whether it's preventing fraud, waste and abuse, protecting our precious environment, increasing our volunteer efforts and charitable giving, or adhering to strict ethical principles. One of the Corporate Responsibility organization's most important missions is to foster an ethical environment where employees make integrity-based decisions that positively impact our customers and the communities where we live and work.     

At the conclusion of Compliance Week, we hope every employee is reminded that integrity will help us to continue to achieve our goals, provide excellent customer service and attain our vision to deliver the most compelling automation and services that accelerate pharmacy perfection.

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