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November 05, 2020

How Digital Technologies are Optimizing Patient/Member Health Outcomes

Mike Cantrell
Senior Director, Regional Operations, EnlivenHealth™, an Omnicell Innovation

Given the continuing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmacists are playing an increasingly important role in providing trusted, accessible and affordable healthcare. In fact, more than 95% of Americans live within just a few miles of a community pharmacy, which is one reason why pharmacies will be on the frontlines of administering the COVID-19 vaccine once it’s available. This continues a multi-year trend whereby pharmacists are expanding beyond their traditional medication dispensing duties to providing a broader spectrum of value-added services, including vaccine administration, point-of-care testing and medication therapy counseling.

However, in order to continue providing these important health and wellness services that keep patients adherent, healthy, and happy, pharmacists need proven technologies that help them do and achieve more. Not only do these technology solutions allow pharmacists to practice at the top of their license, these digital tools streamline pharmacy workflows and free up valuable time for pharmacists to spend more time with patients, which leads to improved health outcomes, stronger retention, and increased script growth. 

On Tuesday, November 10, join me and my expert EnlivenHealth™ colleagues Irfan Ali, Senior Director of Network Performance, and Patrick Di Chiro, Senior Director of Marketing, as we discuss how advanced digital technologies are enabling retail pharmacies and health plans to measurably improve patient and member adherence and ensure lifelong optimal health.

During this session, we’ll be showcasing EnlivenHealth’s industry-leading Patient Engagement Platform, which combines intelligent clinical applications and personalized communications solutions to help pharmacies and health plans stay true to their missions and succeed during the challenging COVID-19 era. Attendees will learn how they can:

  • Measurably improve adherence and PDC scores while driving lifelong optimal health outcomes
  • Increase patient retention by over 14% by syncing patients’ prescriptions to one convenient pick-up date each month
  • Significantly improve quality measures to achieve 5-Star ratings, maximizing CMS bonuses and member retention
  • Strengthen revenue growth and bottom-line profitability, while reducing costs

With the right technology solutions, pharmacists and their health plan partners have the power to transform care for their patients and members, while achieving significant improvements in their business results.

Join us to discover the future of pharmacy at Omnicell Illuminate 2020 and explore our three-day slate of continuing education, networking, interactive demos, and more learning opportunities.


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