March 28, 2022

Get ready for the big reveal at Omnicell Illuminate LIVE

Carol Kimura
VP, Commercial Marketing

Medication is the number one form of treatment in U.S. healthcare. Yet the practice of pharmacy is still heavily reliant on manual, time-consuming processes that are fraught with potential error and opportunities for improvement. The status quo not only is driving increased costs, it’s also negatively impacting staff satisfaction and patient outcomes. Technology is the great equalizer when it comes to improving operational efficiency and elevating the practice of pharmacy.

Join us on Tuesday, March 29, for Omnicell Illuminate LIVE to discover how an intelligent infrastructure of technology, analytics, and expert services can help improve outcomes and drive value for your pharmacy operations.

Hear from Scott Seidelmann, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, about how Omnicell is evolving from “What If” to “What Is” through our commitment to delivering a robust infrastructure designed to streamline efficiency and enhance clinical care.

Doug Descalzi, Vice President, Robotics and Automation Systems, will lead a deep dive into Omnicell’s innovation process. Learn how we are reimagining ways to enhance safety, drive maximum value sooner, streamline workflow efficiency, and expand enhanced medication management intelligence.

Dave Webster, Acute Care Pharmacy Operations Director, shares his insights and perspectives on how technology plays a crucial role in maximizing safety and efficiency in medication management at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Discover why he's working with Omnicell and what he's learned as an early adopter.

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