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November 06, 2020

From Seeing to Believing: Going Beyond Data to Prescriptive Actions and Closed Loop Workflows

Jim Garretson
VP, Platform & Omnicell One, Omnicell

Can you imagine having improved visibility across your pharmacy operation?

What if critical operational data, such as early detection of potential inventory excess, medication transactions and movement, and pharmacy technician activity, could be tracked and reviewed? If you could see soon to be expired medications and base future purchasing decisions on past buying behavior - that would be pretty powerful and fiscally advantageous.

Every pharmacy has valuable data that should feed operational insights; however, few pharmacies – even those with automated solutions – have tools like cloud-based software, tech-enabled services and easy-to-use analytics needed to really understand and leverage that data to improve their processes and maximize potential for better outcomes.

To help companies leverage data to transform their operation, I’m excited to join Dima Awad, Administrative Director and Chief of Pharmacy Services at Stormont Vail on Tuesday, Nov. 10, for a session titled, “From Seeing to Believing: Going Beyond Data to Prescriptive Actions and Closed Loop Workflows” as part of Omnicell Illuminate 2020.

Smart healthcare teams know that to succeed, automation alone is not enough. And data by itself is not enough. But with cloud-based solutions – like Omnicell One – pharmacy operations can maximize technology investments to better leverage data to gain access to critically important, real-time daily insights. The ability to have information at your fingertips, such as on-hand inventory by device and location, as well as potential drug diversion risks — all supports better clinical and operational results, while helping to increase staff productivity. 

Attendees of this session will learn how Omnicell One is a critical component to achieving the vision of the Autonomous Pharmacy. At this session, we’ll showcase several new features and share best practices for:

  • Understanding the critical advantages of prescriptive actions and closed loop workflows to help take your hospital pharmacy to the next level of performance
  • Learning how the right tools can identify potential medication inventory cost savings/avoidance
  • Unlocking the power of your data to create actionable insights
  • Improving visibility and measurement to harness data to impact change

Dima will explain how Omnicell helped provide the Stormont Vail team with visibility and insights related to managing critical COVID-19 medications and how that solution made an impact on our product roadmap.

Discover how Omnicell is improving your ability to positively impact your medication inventory management.

Explore our three-day slate of continuing education, networking, interactive demos, and more learning opportunities during Omnicell Illuminate 2020.


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