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December 28, 2021

Elevating the Role of the Pharmacist Through Technology

Scott Seidelmann, EVP and Chief Commercial Officer, Omnicell

For over 30 years, Omnicell has been laser-focused on helping pharmacists and nurses improve patient outcomes through the safe delivery of medication.

We're demonstrating our commitment to moving from "What if" to "What is" by delivering the intelligent infrastructure of cloud-based automation, intelligence, and technology-enabled services, designed to help you improve operational efficiency and reallocate staff to higher value tasks.

In the video blog, you'll see how we're investing in long-term initiatives that will support you in your journey to the fully Autonomous Pharmacy.

View the full presentation from Omnicell Illuminate 2021 here.

See more replays from Illuminate here.

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Scott Seidelmann, EVP and Chief Commercial Officer, Omnicell

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