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September 09, 2020

Three Simple Tips to Ensure a Successful Digital Transformation

Nhat H. Ngo 
EVP, Marketing, Business Development, and Strategy, Omnicell

The concept of “autonomous pharmacy” is the vision of operational excellence that pharmacists, nurses, and executives have been striving for – zero-error medication management. It’s also the ideal digital transformation standard needed to address escalating challenges in pharmacy supply chain across the continuum of care. 

Digital transformation is the action of adopting and integrating digital technologies to reimagine – or correct – existing workflow and organizational processes. Digitization is also a rethinking of how businesses can challenge the status quo, experiment, and evolve in this digital age. The pharmacy is a key area of healthcare where digital transformation can improve medication supply chain visibility, providing deeper insights and intelligence that translates to improved operational efficiency and staff/patient satisfaction. Here are three simple tips to ensure a successful digital transformation.

  • Articulate your digital transformation vision and strategy across the organization. Pharmacy leaders should define and communicate – both to C-level executives as well as across the extended organization – the promise a digital change has for improved financial, operational, and clinical outcomes.
  • Get organizational buy-in for investing in digital technology solutions. A successful digital transformation requires a business plan that underscores the clear benefits of the investment, and demonstrates both soft and hard values for improved outcomes. 
  • Implement incrementally to calm the fear of change. Digital transformation is not a single project; it’s a technology-driven strategy that requires continual evaluation and adjustments to meet established goals. Aim for an agile rollout that incorporates ongoing feedback and tweaks as you scale implementation across the organization.

While the term “digital transformation” may be overused, its tenets to rethink old operating models are grounded in ideas to maximize strategic goals. And it will be pivotal to improve business and patient care goals. For a deeper dive, click here to read the entire Forbes article .


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