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February 02, 2022

2022 Summer Internships at Omnicell and Advice from Four Former Interns

Morgan Ledford
Vice President, Talent Management, Omnicell

Omnicell is looking for the best and brightest this summer with internship opportunities across North America. We want to give students a chance to build their professional experience while also creating a pipeline of incredible talent who can grow their careers at Omnicell and become our leaders of the future.

What You Need to Know: 2022 Internship Program Information

Our 11-week paid internships allow university undergraduate and graduate students to gain real-life experience while working on projects alongside our teams and leaders, learning about Omnicell's products and solutions, and engaging in social and learning activities. We offer two sessions for quarter and semester students: May 16 to Aug 5 and June 20 to Sept 2.

We are looking to hire our largest internship class in 2022. As the Omnicell interns have shown, we care about developing and growing talent.

By the Numbers: Our Interns in 2021

  • 29 teams supported at Omnicell, including software engineering, finance, supply chain, marketing, intelligence, and more
  • 42 interns from 32 U.S. universities, coast-to-coast, from UCLA to NYU
  • 33 percent of interns accepted Omnicell's offer to become employees after completing their internship

Former Omnicell Interns Share Their Advice

Four former Omnicell interns, who are now employees, share their insight on what it takes to succeed as an intern and give advice for those going through the process.

Q: Why should someone consider an internship at Omnicell?

A: "It's a great opportunity to build your knowledge in the field you want to be in and expand your experience and network by working with other teams. I worked with multiple groups in engineering, from mechanical to software, and with people across Omnicell. If you get the chance to be an intern here, jump on it!"

-Brendan R., Software Engineer, and former Omnicell intern

Q: What advice would you give to this year's interns?

A: "I would recommend keeping a daily log of your activities and projects. It's great to look back at the end of your internship on all the work you've completed, and it's a helpful resource when you build your resume or interview."

-Natalie H., Project Coordinator, Customer Experience Business Operations, and former Omnicell intern

Q: Is there anything you've learned from your internship that's helped you at school?

A: "I learned the importance of strong communication and collaboration to help solve problems and bring teams together. For example, it's important to collaborate with individuals from other departments on any issues in working in quality. Reaching out to others and working together on studying challenging topics is something I am trying to apply to my studies."

-Amber L., Quality Insurance Analyst, biotechnology master's student, and former Omnicell intern

Q: What was the best part of your internship? 

A: "The relationships! Working on a project with my team to automate the creation of network architecture diagrams and regular meetings with my mentor and manager allowed me to develop valuable relationships with people I still learn from and work with today as an employee."

-Brad W., Associate Technical Sales Engineer, and former Omnicell intern

Q: What's something that surprised you about Omnicell?

A: "How friendly the people are! Everyone I have met is welcoming and willing to take the time out of their schedules to answer any questions. Even if it is just a quick question, I will often receive detailed answers, which I greatly appreciate. This applies not to just the team I am on but all the departments."

-Amber L., Quality Insurance Analyst, biotechnology master's student, and former Omnicell intern

Submit your application to internships and open jobs at omnicell.com/careers or send us an email at recruiting@omnicell.com.

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