Our nursing workflow technology helps nurses spend more time with patients

Reduce risks, remove nursing workflow roadblocks, and redirect time to bedside patient care with streamlined medication and supply management.

Nurses in every role, specialty, and organization struggle to balance quality patient care with daily safety, compliance, and operational challenges.

Through a powerful combination of automation and data intelligence, we build easy-to-use medication and supply management technology that works hand-in-hand with workflows and systems that nurses use every day. With fewer errors, more time for patients, and user-friendly analytics, nurses can focus on advancing quality improvement and safety.

Automated nursing workflows that help, not hinder

Workflow automation should enhance nurses’ ability to complete tasks with greater accuracy, safety, and efficiency. Omnicell develops hardware and software solutions that help streamline and accelerate processes without introducing technical complexity.

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Accelerate medication and supply processes, without compromising safety

As nurses move from one place to another to provide patient care, keeping up with the ever-present flow of medication and supply data can be a real challenge.

Omnicell’s data-driven, smart software solutions give nurses the visibility and control to manage medication and supplies with ease. We offer direct integration between our medication dispensing system and the electronic health record (EHR). This interoperability removes redundant steps from nursing workflow, freeing up time for patient care and increasing medication safety.

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Opportunities to Enhance Adherence

Medication nonadherence remains one of the biggest healthcare challenges in the U.S. today, leading to $300 billion in costs annually. Nurses involved in discharge planning or home health have an ally in combating this issue.

Omnicell equips retail and outpatient pharmacies with a broad range of medication adherence tools, including multimed blister card packaging that organizes medications by both time of day and day of the week. Other solutions such as our Medication Synchronization and MTM (medication therapy management) promote further engagement between the patient and pharmacy, which helps keep patients on track to prevent readmissions.