Automate retail and outpatient pharmacy for better patient care

Deliver more personalized care to patients while strengthening pharmacy business performance.

A focus on patients drives those who operate retail and outpatient pharmacies. Yet, navigating a rapidly changing pharmacy landscape means facing challenges like attaining the right provider status, securing collaborative practice agreements, and maintaining operational profitability. It’s hard to improve the health of patients while balancing the health of a competitive business.

Omnicell’s scalable set of data-driven automation solutions help retail and outpatient pharmacies increase script growth, uncover partnership opportunities, and improve patient adherence and engagement—all while enhancing business performance.

Guiding patients to better adherence

Successful medication adherence, one patient at a time, leads to better population health. Stand apart by providing Omnicell Medication Adherence products that make it easier for patients to maintain their medication regimen. Our medication adherence cards and workflow automation help retail pharmacists reallocate time to what matters most for patients, and for business success.

When pharmacies meet key health benchmarks, both patients and the retail pharmacy benefit.

Omnicell provides a number of retail pharmacy automation solutions to empower pharmacies to raise medication adherence and improve population health, which helps prevent hospital readmissions and related penalties.

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Elevate the health of your community

Activate a go-to platform that helps you engage more deeply with patients, payors, providers, and partners. Omnicell’s Population Health solutions help you identify and prioritize the right type of engagement with patients at the right time.

Our robust suite of medication management tools hosted on a single platform empowers pharmacists to improve health outcomes while gaining a competitive advantage and driving growth.

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