Smart health system pharmacy solutions designed for complex growth

Bolster enterprise-wide safety and reduce costs while integrating workflows that streamline complex operations, boost clinical productivity, and improve the patient experience.

Health system leaders face complexity every day. Health systems that cover broad geographies face different regulations and logistics challenges. Clinicians and management need to solve multiple constraints at once—from higher drug costs and lower reimbursement rates, to technology consolidation and safety compliance.

Omnicell's data-driven pharmacy automation technology can protect health systems and their patients with safety, compliance, diversion, and adherence benefits. Our integrated medication and supply management systems can scale as you grow, and support the patient journey from acute care to home.

Central pharmacy optimized for scale

Our pharmacy automation products, paired with powerful data intelligence capabilities, optimize central pharmacy operations for health systems. Robotics ensure enterprise-wide safety and efficiency, while embedded digital tools give you a complete picture of medication and supply inventory. The result is elevated accountability, patient safety, and controlled costs. Information and insights from central pharmacy solutions not only improve clinicians’ ability to deliver better care, but also unlock system-wide performance potential.

Safer, more personalized patient care

Clinicians bring skills and dedication to every interaction. Unleash their ability to guide patients on their care journey by giving them the tools, time, and information they need. The result is an empowered health system workforce and better patient experience.

Omnicell Point of Care solutions allow clinicians access and safeguards wherever they serve patients face-to-face, no matter the size and complexity of your system. Optimize inventory, safety, and compliance while controlling costs with our medication, supply, and anesthesia systems. Our medication cabinet solutions have earned the top KLAS award 13 consecutive years.

Your success acceleration partner

In an ever-changing healthcare landscape health systems must adapt quickly. Getting the right alignment of technology is key to unlocking healthcare data insights that can harmonize and optimize performance.

This is where Omnicell's enterprise partnership comes in. Our service and support offerings get you up and running quickly to realize your operational, financial, and clinical goals sooner. From implementation strategy and training support, to operational and advisory services, we partner with you every step of the way to accelerate time-to-value with all of our solutions.