Supporting medication needs across the post-acute and long-term care spectrum

Securely and affordably boost closed door pharmacy performance

Improve the lives of patients wherever they receive care

Whether you serve long-term care or other post-acute care settings, you take on a broad range of responsibilities. Closed door pharmacies must meet complex compliance, time, claims, and logistics management demands. Because of this, Omnicell has created closed door autonomous pharmacy solutions.

To help you become the trusted pharmacy partner of choice, Omnicell offers secure and affordable medication management solutions, including automated dispensing cabinets and blister card automation for closed door pharmacies. Our goal is to support you in replacing labor-intensive steps with more accurate, automated processes.

Continuous, secure access – better patient experience

Enable faster access to first doses, new medication orders, and emergency medications with closed door pharmacy automation. 

Implementing automated medication dispensing cabinet systems at the point of care helps closed door pharmacies reduce costs, improve charge capture, promote higher quality care, and facilitate compliance. By providing immediate access to emergency and first-dose medications, you can increase both facility and patient satisfaction. Omnicell medication dispensing cabinets have earned the top KLAS award 13 consecutive years.

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Supporting medication packaging needs for seamless care

From single-dose packaging to multimed blister cards, Omnicell offers closed door pharmacies of all sizes a full suite of scalable packaging and fulfillment solutions.

Rely on our high quality blister cards and automation to save time as you grow your business. We will work with your pharmacy to determine which type of packaging equipment is right for you and provides the best return on investment.

Blister Card Automation

Automation that packages medications accurately and efficiently to free up staff, reduce operating expenses, and enable business growth.

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Scalable medication adherence automation and packaging to improve patient health and business performance

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Accurately fill and label patient-specific medication packaging based on incoming prescriptions, with an output of 3.5 blister cards per minute.

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With a throughput of 10 cards per minute, the new Omnicell® E3 Single Dose Automation is the fastest fully automated solution for single dose cards.

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