A zero-touch, zero-error pharmacy

Elevate care and safety with precision workflow automation across the medication journey

For pharmacists and nurses simplified medication management workflows mean more control, better ease of use, lower risk of error, and improved patient benefits.

From central pharmacy to the patient’s side and beyond, workflow automation powered by digital processes and advanced robotic technology replaces taxing manual processes. This frees up clinicians to work at the top of their license, spending more time on what matters most.

Shifting mundane work

The goal of clinical workflow automation is not to remove humans from the process, but rather to elevate them to more meaningful work. Instead of performing manual, redundant, administrative tasks, pharmacists and other clinicians can spend more time on clinical work that more directly contributes to patient care and outcomes.

How is this achieved? While automation has long been part of medication management across the continuum of care, there are often gaps with manual tasks that introduce potential for error and inefficiency. Autonomous pharmacy seeks to remove those gaps through a more continuous automated workflow.

Automation does not just mean physical machines such as robotics and dispensing systems. Smart software assists clinicians in driving smarter workflows. Data intelligence also plays a critical role. Data processing, including descriptive and predictive analytics, supports greater inventory visibility and enhances decision making.

Central pharmacy that fuels health and operations

Zero-touch central pharmacy means no more sorting, picking, checking, reconciling, transporting, or any other error-prone manual workflow. Imagine if problems like medication errors, drug diversion, and non-compliance were distant memories.

The autonomous pharmacy strives to replace outdated workflows with reliable technology that improves control of inventory and removes time-taxing processes by performing thousands of manual functions with pinpoint accuracy.

The right medication, at the right time, at the right point of care

Simplify and secure medication workflows wherever patients receive care—from the OR to nursing units to care settings outside the hospital. Automation improves patient safety, raises inventory visibility, and saves clinicians valuable time. It prevents stockouts, drug diversion, and waste while giving back face-to-face time with patients.

Improve patient adherence, accelerate pharmacy performance

Now more than ever, retail and outpatient pharmacies are positioned to play an important role in improving population health in the communities they serve. However, managing volumes of patient prescriptions can mire pharmacists in time-intensive physical and administrative tasks that impede progress. That’s where automation can help.

Omnicell has a wide range of medication adherence automation products that enable pharmacists to improve medication adherence in the communities they serve. To facilitate fulfillment of multimed adherence packaging, we offer software solutions to guide the process and help reduce errors. In addition, a range of single-dose blister cards and automation is available.