Unlock the power of your data

Harness medication management data and analytics to deliver better care through the autonomous pharmacy.

What if the same tools you use to automate medication management also helped you predict, prioritize, and take action to improve care and operations?

In the autonomous pharmacy, where every unit dose of medication is a node on the network, you gain the capability to mine your pharmacy data for performance optimization opportunities that enhance safety, increase compliance, improve efficiency, and reduce cost.

Making sense of pharmacy data

Health systems, hospitals, and pharmacies ingest and process an incredible amount of data about things like medication, equipment, patients, health plans, and clinician activities. The ability to identify and leverage the right kind of analytics from this sea of data is key to unlocking performance improvements.

Leverage your pharmacy data to optimize performance

Omnicell is actively mining data generated by our technology and developing data intelligence capabilities to help healthcare providers better predict, prioritize, and take action to fine-tune pharmacy operations and workflow activity. The goal is more optimal outcomes for your patients and your business. Currently, our data intelligence solutions are focused on helping you optimize your inventory and reduce the risk of drug diversion.

Start your optimization journey

Join us – as we pursue new innovations that convert medication data intelligence into actionable insights that move you towards a more fully autonomous pharmacy.


Predictive analytics, actionable insights, and expert guidance to gain visibility, optimize pharmacy operations, and improve business performance.

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Performance Centerâ„¢

Accelerate pharmacy optimization with continuous guidance from our team of data scientists and clinical strategists.

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