Streamline with a single database

Fewer keystrokes mean fewer errors. To help you reduce complexity, eliminate redundant work, and prevent errors, the integrated Unity platform uses a single database across Omnicell medication and supply automation deployed in the central pharmacy, operating rooms, nursing units, and the bedside. Watch this video to learn more.

Single Database

Flexible architecture puts you in control

With the Unity platform, a single server reaches across multiple sites and time zones so you can centrally manage your system. Pharmacists have the flexibility of accessing the system and running reports from remote locations. And cloud connections enable networking for non-acute care satellites.

Cut wasted steps and wasted dollars

Unity innovations such as our single-dose dispensing module and patient-specific medication management system cut wasted steps from medication processes to help nurses save sanity and your facility save money.

Analytics show you the big picture

Pandora® analytics aggregates medication and supply data from all Omnicell automation systems, providing facility-wide visibility of usage and inventory that improves decision-making.

Flexible platform = lowest cost of ownership

Omnicell has a 20-year track record for lowest cost of ownership. The modular Unity system often allows you to upgrade to the latest technology by replacing only the console—not the whole cabinet. Plus, regular software upgrades are included as part of our industry-leading service program.

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