Customer Testimonials

Omnicell Customer Testimonials

We are proud of the positive customer relationships we have cultivated over the years. Here, our customers share how Omnicell technology has made a positive impact in their healthcare facilities. You will also find video clips throughout our website where you can hear direct feedback from customers who are using our products.




Materials Management

  • Patewood Memorial Hospital

    "Without having to manually count inventory or key in charges, materials management staff at Patewood Memorial can now focus on picking and auditing cases, allowing the clinical staff to focus on their respective areas of expertise. The benefits from materials running smoother in the OR and improved efficiencies far outweigh the investment we made in both time and cost…I would ask to have [Omnicell] installed in any hospital I worked for."

    Geoff Hibbert, OR Manager
    Patewood Memorial Hospital
  • Sisters of Mercy logo

    "Omnicell's capability to utilize GS1 standards is a key component in improving our supply chain management process to reduce costs and improve care."

    Vance Moore, President and CEO
    ROi/Sisters of Mercy
  • Sisters of Mercy logo

    "Omnicell's inventory management solutions help ensure that critical supplies are at the clinician’s fingertips when needed. The patient remains the focus of the provider, not missing inventory."

    Vance Moore, President and CEO
    ROi/Sisters of Mercy
  • Greater Baltimore Medical Center logo

    "Greater Baltimore Medical Center has been able to increase their charge capture by 45% over the last 4 years while aiming to achieve close to 97% compliance on Omnicell cabinets."

    Laurie Desantis, Materials Services Information Systems Analyst
    Greater Baltimore Medical Center
  • Oregon Health & Science University logo

    "Pandora can help mitigate unexpected expenses because of its ability to identify inappropriately allocated inventory. We recently discovered that we had a large quantity of a backordered item received into our inventory management system with another order on the way. Pandora allowed us to identify this in time to return the order without penalty from the vendor."

    Nathaniel Hernandez, BS, CPhT, Supply Chain Analyst, Pharmacy Services
    Oregon Health & Science University

Information Technology

Healthcare Executives

  • Carolinas Medical Center NorthEast

    "The conversion to Omnicell exceeded our expectations. It's clear that Omnicell has done this many times before. They know what they are doing, and they do it exceptionally well. The level of professionalism, follow-through, communication, and thoroughness shown has been off the chart and for that I am thankful."

    Robert Carta, Assistant Vice President, Division of Pharmacy Services
    Carolinas HealthCare System
  • Community Hospital of San Bernardino (CHW)

    "The data analytics tools from Pandora greatly enhance our reporting tools on our Omnicell cabinets to help identify drug diversion and more efficiently meet compliance regulations. With Pandora we are able to identify diverters much quicker, hopefully before it becomes an issue of patient safety."

    Patty Womack, Director of Pharmacy
    Community Hospital of San Bernardino (CHW)
  • Springhill Medical Center logo

    "Omnicell's advanced technology is unparalleled in the market. Omnicell's interoperability, user-friendly interface and forward-thinking approach to medication management set them apart in our search."

    Jeff St. Clair, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Springhill Medical Center
  • Saint Francis Health System logo

    “Omnicell solutions will allow us to improve our long-term budgeting and cost planning while our clinicians will be able to access industry-defining technology."

    Ron Kolar, Director of Pharmacy Services
    Saint Francis Health System
  • Oroville Hospital logo

    "Without the Pandora reporting system, it would be really difficult for us to track where the dollars are, so as an ROI, return on our investment, it's been a tremendous tool. It's worth its weight in gold."

    Daniel Nguyen, Director of Pharmacy
    Oroville Hospital
  • Hackensack University Medical Center

    “To better serve our nurses and ensure they are spending the maximum amount of time with patients, we realized we needed complete integration between our medication order system and EHR. By developing interoperability with Epic, Omnicell has created a solution that helps us achieve this goal.”

    Nilesh Desai, BS, RPh, MBA, Administrator, Pharmacy and Clinical Operations
    Hackensack University Medical Center
  • Hackensack University Medical Center

    “The Omnicell Analytics platform has saved hours and hours’ worth of time, because it directly points to the issue.”

    Nilesh Desai, BS, RPh, MBA, Administrator, Pharmacy & Clinical Operations
    Hackensack University Medical Center
  • Hackensack University Medical Center

    "We review the data every day, because sometimes you can catch things quickly and prevent harm. The goal is prevention of diversion—not to wait and react.”

    Nilesh Desai, BS, RPh, MBA, Administrator, Pharmacy & Clinical Operations
    Hackensack University Medical Center