Omnicell automation improves efficiency in the central pharmacy and nursing units

Carolinas Medical Center NorthEast, Concord, North Carolina

Carolinas Medical Center NorthEast

Manual procedures with the facility’s non-profiled cartfill system were time consuming and made it difficult to capture all medication and supply charges. The amount of time clinicians were spending on operational procedures meant less time was being spent on patient care.

After evaluating automation solutions on the market, Carolinas Medical Center NorthEast decided to switch from Pyxis to Omnicell due to Omnicell’s high level of customer service and advanced technology. The facility implemented a comprehensive system of Omnicell products to automate the medication distribution process, from the central pharmacy to the OR and nursing units.

Carolinas Medical Center NorthEast achieved these benefits:

  • Dramatically improved workflow efficiency
  • Fewer calls to the pharmacy
  • Increased patient safety through bar code verification
  • 17% increase in charge capture1

1 Omnicell customer data

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Case Study - Carolinas Medical Center NorthEast