OmniLinkRx™ system automates the physician order management process, saving time and improving accuracy

St. Vincent Healthcare, Montana/Wyoming

St. Vincent Healthcare

In this 300+ bed medication center, the 24-hour central pharmacy was manually processing 1,700 physician orders a day, with an average order entry time of 30 to 60 minutes per physician order.

In order to save time and improve accuracy, the facility implemented the OmniLinkRx™ system, which automates the physician order management process in the central pharmacy.

St. Vincent Healthcare achieved these benefits:

  • Order entry time reduced by at least 57%
  • Fewer order entry errors
  • Ability to track order status online
  • Assistance in meeting JCAHO’s requirement for pharmacist review of physician orders
Click on the link below to download the full case study:
Case Study - St. Vincent Healthcare