Anesthesia Workstation provides greater pharmacy oversight of OR medications and more efficient inventory tracking

Carolinas Medical Center NorthEast, Concord, North Carolina

Carolinas Medical Center NorthEast

This 450+ bed acute care facility needed greater pharmacy oversight of OR medications and a more efficient way to track medication use and inventory.

To address these issues, they installed Omnicell’s Anesthesia Workstation™ in 17 operating rooms, including cardiovascular and obstetric units.

Carolinas Medical Center NorthEast achieved these benefits:

  • Improved security of medications and narcotics
  • Improved inventory management, including identification of expired medications
  • Charge capture dramatically increased—the amount of floor stock that was unaccounted for dropped from about $5,000 a month to about $115 a month.
Click on the link below to download the full case study:
Case Study - Carolinas Medical Center NorthEast