Hospital Supply Chain / Materials Management

Hospital Supply Management Systems from Omnicell

Hospital supplies are often seen as a major source of inefficiency and excess cost, and materials managers are under growing pressure to address these issues. Yet time-consuming manual processes for hospital supply management create barriers to success.

When the bulk of staff time is spent manually checking par levels and tracking usage in various supply locations, it’s hard to find time to keep the warehouse organized and optimize inventory levels – let alone meet the documentation requirements of increasingly stringent Joint Commission mandates and government regulations.

Filling last-minute orders from nurses who have run out of an item also takes time away from more strategic hospital materials management work.

As a leader in supply and medication dispensing automation, Omnicell offers hospital supply management systems that can dramatically streamline your inventory management tasks. With our systems, you not only improve staff efficiency and lower medical supply inventory costs but also increase revenue through improved charge capture and reimbursement.

Benefits of Omnicell Hospital Inventory / Materials Management Systems

  • Achieve real-time, usage-based perpetual inventory management for medical supplies located throughout the healthcare facility.
  • Reduce stockouts and the associated time spent filling last-minute requests from nursing.
  • Lower overall costs by reducing inventory levels and increasing inventory turns.
  • Easily and significantly increase charge capture, while eliminating inefficient charge stickers or "tick sheets."
  • Improve ability to gain reimbursement for durable medication equipment and orthopedic soft goods such as wrist splints, ankle braces, arm slings, and crutches.
  • Streamline inventory management in the operating room and special procedure areas such as the cardiac cath lab, endoscopy, diagnostic and interventional radiology, and electrophysiology.