Omnicell solutions for perioperative medication management

Perioperative areas of the hospital pose unique challenges for medication and supply management. Controlled substances must be secured to meet regulatory requirements, yet items must be easily accessible to anesthesia providers during a surgical case.

The last thing you want is to lengthen case turnaround time. But when you suddenly discover a supply or medication you need is not available, someone must stop to track down the missing item.

Improve Perioperative Medication Management

As a company that is exclusively focused on medication and supply dispensing automation, Omnicell has drug dispensing systems that help you easily address these issues in the operating room (OR) and special procedure areas. Our systems also automate cost and inventory tracking and significantly increase charge capture.

Using the Anesthesia Workstation, Erie County Medical Center increased charge capture from 10%-15% to up to 90%, and they saw a decrease in case turnaround time.

Benefits of Omnicell Systems

  • Secure controlled substances – to improve patient safety and compliance as part of a robust perioperative medication management program
  • Improve supply inventory management
  • Create a more efficient physician preference card system
  • Prevent medication errors
  • Dramatically improve charge capture