Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care

Long-term care providers are increasingly seeking the benefits of automated medication and supply systems for their sites. Such systems aid in regulatory compliance and security, and help increase quality of care for residents by enabling faster access to first doses, new medication orders, and  emergency medications.

Long-term care pharmacy organizations benefit as well, because the automation enables them to improve their own operational efficiency and ROI.

Advantages Over eKits

Instead of managing multiple e-kits, caregivers can retrieve most medications from the Omnicell Automated Dispensing Cabinet. The new XT one-cell cabinet can securely store up to 700 different items.

  • Secure plug-and-play Internet connection at each long-term care site
  • No hassle of modems and VPN connections
  • ADT, billing, and medication orders/profile interfaces provide advanced functionality

Benefits for Long-Term Care Providers

  • Better quality of care—faster access to first doses, emergency medications, and new medication orders
  • More effectively handle changes in patient flow and dynamic drug regimens of higher acuity patients
  • Increased satisfaction of residents and their families
  • Greater caregiver efficiency—no need to enter patient data and manually document medication use
  • Fewer bill-backs due to more complete and accurate tracking
  • Improved regulatory compliance and medication security

Download article about integration of long-term care and acute care facilities.

Benefits for Institutional Pharmacies

  • Limit costly stat deliveries and dependency on back-up pharmacies
  • Manage and monitor chain of custody, cabinet and medication use, and par level optimization
  • ADT and billing interfaces automate billing function to dramatically improve charge capture
  • Ability to charge by NDC as item is removed 
  • Profile interface enables review of orders prior to medications being released – meeting stringent regulatory standards 
  • Robust reporting helps reduce waste and lower inventory costs

Medication Adherence Packaging

Omnicell has a wide range of medication packaging and related supplies and equipment to enhance medication adherence in a variety of non-acute care settings, from single-dose packaging to multimed blister cards to support improved medication adherence for discharged patients.

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An industry first, the Medication Adherence Resource Center is a complimentary, non-commercial educational resource. Reflecting Omnicell's ongoing commitment to medication adherence, we've pulled together the most objective and credible information including reports, studies, presentations and practical tools for healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers. Given our evolving understanding of medication adherence, changing public policy and emerging technologies, we'll be updating MARC on a regular basis.