Integration Services


At Omnicell, we know how important it is for your systems to work effectively together. For two decades, we have successfully integrated our medication and supply automation with numerous healthcare information technology (HIT) systems to help you achieve this goal.

The seamless connections we create ensure the right data is presented to clinical staff when and where they need it—aiding them in delivering optimal patient care.

  • Omnicell’s proven expertise and services assure a swift, easy integration process.
  • We work with virtually all major EHR-HIS vendors, MMIS (materials management information system) vendors, and custom systems.

Experience You Can Trust

Omnicell has successfully implemented more than 8,000 interfaces globally with a multitude of HIS vendors. Omnicell integration specialists are experts in HL7 interface development, and our finely honed implementation process makes the project as effortless as possible on your end.

  • A dedicated interface analyst provides continuity throughout your implementation project.
  • Regional service and interface specialists support you during implementation and beyond.
  • Thorough testing is conducted to ensure successful integration with the HIT system.

Minimal IT Effort Needed

 The scalable Omnicell integration engine establishes a base for interoperability that integrates with your financial, ADT, materials management, medical records, and pharmacy information systems.

  • Single-engine approach used across the breadth of Omnicell systems ensures reliability, security, and simplicity.
  • Microsoft® .NET Windows service technology enables engine to run seamlessly in your data center, whether a physical or virtual server environment.
  • Self-monitoring and self-correcting, requiring little intervention from IT staff.