Information Technology

Omnicell Supports Hospital Information Technology

Omnicell recognizes that our products must meet the demands of the hospital IT environment. That means keeping up with the latest hospital information technology standards and ensuring smooth, secure interoperability with your facility’s clinical information systems.

Omnicell Delivers the Latest Technology

Omnicell® XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets employ Microsoft® Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB with BitLocker Drive Encryption and updated Intel® technology. In addition to assuring long-term support, these technologies improve reliability, security, and responsiveness of the Omnicell system.

    All XT cabinets are domain-ready to meet your hospital IT requirements, and the universal eBox (electronics) used across the Omnicell product line ensures efficient service and maximum uptime.

    Starbus electronics architecture—With the introduction of the XT Series Automated Dispensing System, Omnicell was the first to adopt Starbus topology for the electronic architecture of the cabinets. Compared with a serial bus or other basic communication protocol, this more efficient architecture improves troubleshooting and serviceability, facilitates easier cabinet component changes, and is readily adaptable to future innovations. 

    Versatile, Scalable, and Secure Enterprise Capabilities

    The enterprise-class OmniCenter® server manages day-to-day operations of Omnicell automated medication and supply dispensing systems throughout your facilities and provides access to inventory use and other essential reports.

    Centralized control—Servers reside within your data center, which ensures centralized support and controls, and leverages existing power and environmental investments. 

    Comprehensive data storage—Stores seven years of data and provides convenient access to historical information needed for audits.

    Choice of server architecture—Available in physical or virtual platforms.

    Supports multiple sites and time zones—Manages the transaction volume of any size institution.

    • Multiple facilities can be supported on the same server and on a single database or isolated databases, minimizing IT infrastructure.
    • Omnicell Cloud Connect allows Omnicell medication and supply locations that reside outside of the hospital wide area network (WAN) to be managed through a central network.

    Remote access—OmniCenter Remote Access (OCRA) allows access to the Omnicell system from any PC connected to the hospital’s network, giving great flexibility to users.

    Supports meaningful use—Omnicell Unity is the only automated dispensing system to receive EHR Modular Certification, assuring data integrity with meaningful use-compliant EHR systems.

    Secure User Management

    • Supports Microsoft Active Directory, allowing users to access Omnicell systems with their hospital domain user ID and password.
    • Advanced fingerprint bioID system provides best practice authentication for maximum security.

    Focus on Interoperability and Security

    Our interoperable, standards-based systems effectively complement other vendors' hospital information technology solutions. Our systems are able to share clinical information between disparate systems to eliminate redundant data entry and enhance reporting capabilities. In addition, our products can be automatically patched using Microsoft’s WSUS server.

    Integration Services for Hospital Information Technology

    Omnicell has a dedicated integration services team to facilitate seamless connections between Omnicell solutions and other healthcare information technology (HIT) such as financial, ADT, materials management, medical records, and pharmacy information systems.

    Remote System Monitoring

    Ensuring maximum uptime is important to us. Our service teams can proactively monitor and troubleshoot your Omnicell systems’ performance remotely and are often able to resolve the issue directly, so you don’t have to get involved or wait for someone to arrive on-site.