Healthcare Executives

Solutions for Healthcare Executives

Omnicell is exclusively focused on medication and supply dispensing automation in hospitals and other healthcare settings. We understand the workflow and problems faced by pharmacy, nursing, materials management, and IT. Our systems address these challenges and help healthcare facilities reduce costs, comply with ever-changing regulatory requirements, and safeguard the patient.

Omnicell Solutions for Healthcare Executives Include:

  • Complete automation systems for the central pharmacy.
  • Medication and supply dispensing cabinet systems for nursing and special procedure units.
  • Anesthesia workstations for the operating room.
  • Mobile systems for safely transporting medications to the patient bedside.
  • Business analytics tools to support your strategic initiatives.

Our products are backed by first-rate customer support, a comprehensive training and education program, and professional consulting services.

How Does Omnicell Address C-Suite Concerns?

Omnicell recognizes that the U.S. healthcare industry will experience major changes over the next five to 10 years. Healthcare executives will demand more from their suppliers in order to significantly improve operational performance and patient outcomes.

We believe our automation systems address some of the key concerns and trends healthcare executives are looking at today.

Increased Pressure to Control Costs

Omnicell’s automated dispensing systems are known for providing the lowest cost of ownership, due largely to our modular design. Rather than replacing entire cabinets, you can keep current with the latest technology by replacing only the embedded computer console – a major financial advantage, especially for hospitals with a large fleet of dispensing cabinets.

Other ways Omnicell automation strengthens ROI:

  • Increases charge capture by up to 90%.
  • Significant decrease in inventory costs and increase in inventory turns (South Jersey Hospital has shrunk drug costs to 2.2% of total health-system expenses, compared with the industry average of more than 10% ).
  • Reduces costs by offering stricter control and security of high-value medication and supply items.
  • Increases productivity without adding FTEs.

Ongoing Nursing Shortage

Healthcare executives know that nurses – increasingly frustrated with various aspects of their work life – are leaving the profession in record numbers. Many of our innovations increase nurse satisfaction by eliminating tedious, time-consuming tasks that take them away from the satisfying part of their jobs: caring for patients.

Increased Focus on Information Technology

We take IT needs into account throughout product development and implementation. Healthcare executives can be assured that Omnicell works closely with HIS vendors to ensure interoperability of our systems with your clinical information systems. In addition, our Unity solutions share a single database, helping to eliminate redundant data entry that is inefficient and can lead to errors.

More Rigorous Government Intervention and Regulations

Omnicell products help you comply with regulations regarding medication use and security, and we stay on top of changing guidelines. Our automated medication dispensing system was the first such system to receive ONC-ATCB certification as a Modular Electronic Health Record (EHR), to support customers in achieving meaningful use objectives of their EHR system.