OptiFlex Surgical Services

Product Overview

The OR is known as a key revenue center, but if you're manually managing inventory you're vulnerable to lost charges. Manual methods also make it difficult to manage high cost physician preference items – a key target of cost control efforts.

The OptiFlex™ Surgical Services Supply Chain System reduces manual work by automating the physician preference card system. It also accurately tracks usage and costs of operating room supply items – from pre-picking to post-case reconciliation. The software manages items stored in both open shelving areas as well as in secure, automated dispensing cabinets.

Improve Profitability With Total Case Costs

Surgical Services Supply Chain System allows you to capture complete case costs to achieve the following:

Reduce inventory — Make better purchasing decisions, reduce excess inventory, and lower costs

Reduce case costs — Gain greater leverage to push for product standardization

Reimbursement — Have complete and accurate data accessible for Medicare reimbursement audits

Be Ready for Unique Device Identifier (UDI) Tracking

Health care providers need to be able to track unique device identifiers (UDI) throughout their inventory distribution processes—from item receipt to use on the patient. The Surgical Services system is designed to enable UDI chain of custody tracking.

  • More easily identify recalled items and locate inventory
  • Clearly and accurately document implantable UDI information in the EHR
  • With a single scan, easily parse and capture lot, serial number, and expiration date off the package bar code at point of care

Proven Savings

After implementing the Surgical Services system, Billings Clinic achieved the following1:$1 Million Bubble

  • Increased charge capture by over $1 million a year
  • Labor savings of 5,000 to 7,000 hours per year
  • Missing inventory of $300,000 to $400,00 per year reduced to almost zero

1. Billings Clinic case study: Omnicell OptiFlex SS System Dramatically Improves Inventory Management and Financials in the Operating Room, 2011.

  • Improves productivity for materials management and nursing staff:
    • Faster turnover of suites
    • Eliminates need for charge stickers or "tick sheets"
    • Prevents delays caused by stockouts
  • Lowers costs by reducing consumption and inventory levels
  • Increases ROI by ensuring consistent and accurate charging
  • Simplifies reporting and analysis of supply costs

New Features with OptiFlex 15.0 Software

Completely updated Surgical Services software now features:

  • New look for case usage capture
  • Additional item detail available during a case
  • Real-time inventory adjustments
  • Import/Export program
  • Updated mobile app with cross-referencing and two-bin Kanban ordering
  • Over a dozen enhancements that include new OR and Total Touch windows and eight updated reports

Flexible System

  • Works with open shelves, secured automated dispensing cabinets, or a combination of the two
  • Cabinets can be tailored with Omnicell's Catheter Hardware Module
  • iOS mobile app for iPad Mini or iPod Touch adds convenience
  • OptiFlex server available in physical and virtual platforms (VMware Ready)

Easy and Efficient

  • Bar code scanning captures lot, serial numbers, and expiration date, providing quick access in the event of a product recall

Smart Inventory and Cost Tracking

  • Tallies costs as items are scanned, giving clinicians greater awareness of case costs
  • Provides cost reports by case and by physician
  • Creates unique surgical case barcode to accurately track supply costs in each case
  • Incorporates real-time reorder points, par levels, and sequential pick tickets

Specialty Module Saves Time and Space

The specialty hardware module below can be integrated within the Omnicell cabinet to meet the storage needs of special procedure areas. The module allows healthcare facilities to secure, dispense, and automatically track small item and catheter usage, which helps eliminate stock-outs, streamline restocking procedures, and reduce on-hand inventory to save money.

Omnicell® Catheter Hardware Module

  • Four retractable arms store catheters of varying lengths, with a total capacity of 48 catheters, 12 per arm.
  • Unique “Find Item” feature with guiding lights helps users quickly locate needed catheters in seconds.
  • Turns the ER and OR into leaner, more organized units, saving staff time in critical life-saving environments.
  • Modular design enables flexible configurations that meet the physical requirements of any clinic.